I’m Jyothikrishnan Kunnathuvayalil Surendran (Jyothikrishnan Achary), you can call me Jo.

I’m currently doing my Masters in Business Analytics from “State University of New York at Buffalo”. Also MBA in Human Resource and Operations Management from Amrita School of Business. Looking forward to a career in Human Resource Management. Will be fit for a job role as Asst Manager, HR Executive, HR Analyst, MIS Executive, Information Assurance Executive, Administrator etc.

I’m a graduate in Computer Science (Computers Application – BCA). I love to work with networks and Software development. Currently learning python by myself. Experienced in Java and MySQL for a few years. I also know PHP, CSS, HTML, C/C++, VB etc.

I’m also a person who loves artworks. I have done a diploma course in Building Designing and 3D modeling, but technically a dropout. I have learned 3Ds Max and AutoCAD. I also know Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro. Currently, I’m moving to Blender from 3Ds Max since its open source.

I work as a freelance web developer for people who I know. Develops and designs the website using WordPress. I have developed websites, posters, and logos for startups and SMEs.

I love to use Linux more than Windows. Fedora and Kali are my personal favorite Linux Distros. Since Android is also developed using the Linux Kernal I can add Android also to my favorite Distro list. Kali Linux is favorite because of its features like pen testing and hacking.

I’m a wanderlust and a technophile. Till now I have only visited two countries. One being my own “India” and the next “United States of America”. When coming to the technophile part, it was inherited from my Dad. He is a complete gadget freak and loves to use new latest tech stuff. Being a wanderlust is what I inherited from my maternal side. My mom loves to travel.

I’m a failed entrepreneur. Why failed? My first startup which was an online clothing portal “teesbe.com” failed due to personal issues. It was during the year 2014 when E-commerce was about to become the boom in India. Later tried to start a software development company which also failed due to not having a better team. But yeah, one day I will rise up and come back.

My role model is none other than “Steve Jobs“, my management faculty used to say, without Jobs, Jo is incomplete. I’m inspired by Steve Jobs, I don’t to be like him, I want to be myself. But I do have two more role models. My dad and my grandpa. Dad is an entrepreneur and grandpa is another failed entrepreneur. All the learning I had from them inspires me a lot for living my future.

I love physics. I still remember what my physics faculty in my high school told: “You will never find any part in the entire universe without the involvement of Physics“. Whatever it is, I always have a perspective of physics in it. Also, I like to read about quantum physics and that’s how I ended up in metaphysics and ‘spirit science’.

I’m not an atheist but people think I am since I am not religious or hate god. Well being an agnostic person, I don’t believe or disbelieve in God. There will be some force that exists. As per quantum physics: “There can’t be a universe without a mind entering into it“. I Believe everything is the reflection of what we imagine.

I’m interested in Cars and Aircraft. One thing that makes me happy is when I ride. Some of my favorite vehicles are Mercedes Benz – C Class, Jeep Wrangler, Audi A3. My favorite aircraft is the Honda Jet Elite.

Once I had a dream to join the defense force either the ARMY or NAVY but later changed after reading the quote by Steve Jobs: “why to join the navy if I can be a pirate of my own ship“. My maternal grandpa served in the British Indian Army pre Independence and in CRPF post Independence. Also, my dad was selected as a sailor in the Indian Navy but later joined engineering rejecting the offer.

Well, there are much more things to be known about me. Just find some in my personal posts.