Server Down

Today the facebook, instagram and some other popular site server were down. Facebook appeared to be down since early morning, with the social media site saying it is working on fixing the issue.Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can Facebook said on its website. Users from the United States and India reported that they were unable to log on.

Servers are computers as well and when there are not enough resources available to that server and it can’t handle functions and tasks correctly, it can and may go down. Websites can go down if the server they are housed on can’t handle the load of traffic coming in, or they can be taken down by the administrators to make some changes or updates. When a server goes down, a lot of things can happen. First, you panic. Everyone does. It’s a natural response because you’ve become so accustomed to your technology that not having it leaves you crippled and unsure of how to react. Once you collect yourself, you can start to troubleshoot the problem and see what’s gone wrong. Companies that have a technical support team are definitely in a better position because they will take the reins and resolve the issues. Of course, even without a team you can still get to the bottom of the issue.
Since the facebook server was down, many bloggers were happy since the were getting a lot of traffic to their page 🙂

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