Time Traveling

Every thought about traveling in time, like moving into a past time or moving into a future time ? According to the theories brought up by Stephen Hawking and Sir Albert Einstein it is possible to travel in time. These are all possible according to the theories. Still researches are going on in this by the University of Connecticut under the guidance of Dr.Ronald Mallett. Stephen Hawking says it in his brief history of time. And some believe that Albert Einstein was actually building his own time machine, and when it was around completed 3/4th he had to pass away. Einstein proved that Time is inversely proportional to speed, maybe you think this as a 7th grade Physics being Time = Distance/Speed. It has another perspective too, that is when speed of an object increases the time too decrease of that object.


Lemme explain it more simply, According to Sir Albert Einstein the energy  E = MC^2 , where M is the mass and C the velocity of Light, which even brings up that the speed of light is cosmic speed light, i.e nothing can exceed the speed of light. So Stephen Hawking explained it in a much more better way in the basic of time traveling. Consider we board a Train which is having an acceleration equal to the speed of light i.e 3*10^8 km/sec. If a kid want to move forward, he or she need to break the cosmic speed limit. Since its not quite possible, the natural laws of physics does the magic. The time on board become less as compared to the time outside the train. So if we have a ride on this train, we could travel 100 years in just 1 week. But building such a train is quite impractical. Stephen Hawking do explain about more on this in his book on the topic “Arrow of time”, He also put forward the theories of black-holes and its uses in time traveling too


Albert Einstein proved time travel is possible by using 2 watches, One watch which he used to have it wherever he goes and the other being stationary in his home. First he made both the watches towards same time with the second hands along the same time. After few months, he compared the change in time among 2 watches, what he could observe was the watch which was with him during his travel is now a few seconds slower than the one which is stationary at his home. I too had tried out this experiment and got it right. You guys also could try it. This is the only proof I found and made me believe in time traveling.

So if time traveling was actually possible, why ain’t people from Future not visiting us ?

Maybe because traveling to future can only be possible in time traveling or else people of future might do have any mechanism to go invisible to be unnoticeable to the people.


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