Hike enabled Free calls

Busy texting with your friends on hike ? Go and update your Hike as soon as possible. Cause Hike now comes with a free calling app. It enables calling throughout 200 countries worldwide, within the users having hike.

Currently this is a big slam to leading free calling apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Line, Telegram etc. Currently the Hike facility is available within Android Users only, since 90% of the users are from Android, Hike has said that, they will be making it available to iOS and Windows as soon as they can. After all Indians has got another stuff to be proud about in its Tech market. Hike being an Indian Product.

MY REVIEW : After i heard about this update on Hike, from my close friend, we just made a call thorugh Hike, I could personally tell that, Hike is more better than anyother apps till date in case of the clarity of its voice 🙂 Hope we will have more users in Hike than in Whatsapp since Hike have an extra feature called ‘Sticker’.


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