A Fair Tale

I forgot the place I lost my heart, thought that it was lost somewhere near I saw her, but it was not there. It was inside her eyes. I realized that love is a sweet agony after seeing her. Being filled with the air of love entirely inside my alveolus, I literally was flying throughout the astral. That twinkling moment, the ventilation to pleura stopped. Still those moments stay like the legendary story in fairy tales. It was magical, being a wizard in real. The unnoticeable look away and the relative sync of eyes. Yes, love is a sweet agony. Making the voice and mind un sync and out of control.Fortunately the cosmic power made us separated for heptade months. In the meanwhile, the dark era by a blue moonlight was like pulling the arrow back to getting hit on the target, being you. We were both young when we first met. The pentagonal gap made me substantially venerable. Is this heaven or hell, tell me as it is. After the darkness the dawn came, following the brightest days ever. Hope the days halts eternally. Traveling beside you, makes my soul dance to the rhythm that is yet to be composed. Yes, love is a sweet agony, the passion of the spirits. It was not emotion until the journey to north winds. It was emotion when the glide took through the strong bonds of the eternal. Holding those pretty delicate palm made me, making you feel secure for the eternal. By capturing those moments together makes the world get jealous on we. Listening to your childish talks gives hope to keep listening forever. Wizard is sure the laws of attraction will lead the path. If I wait, if I anticipate and expect, a single minute becomes a year. Years won’t be of waste if its for you. Legends and tales tell to wait. Is this feeling, heaven? or hell? Tell me honestly. Whether I live or die is in your words.


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