Stray Dogs caused probelms in Kerala : My Solution

Dogs has always been man’s best friends since the origins. Dogs usually depend on humans for getting cared, loved and protected. There are even stories of dogs, who sacrificed their life to save their masters. But thinks has changed a lot these d
ays, Over here in Kerala, the god’s own country has been transferred to Stray dog’s own country via Media.

Many stray dog attacks has been reported. Most of them were attacks towards children of age below 10. Since the problem arise with lots of social issues. State government decided to kill Stray dogs, and one of the municipality killed many of the dogs. Later many dog lovers, who call themselves as pet lovers who were not worried in killing any other animals came up by saying out “Did the dog said he bite them ?” these were almost foolish scams here in the state.

Here I would like to suggest a few ideas that could avoid the origin of stray dogs, or avoiding the attack from stray dogs. Stray dogs are also dogs, who never got cared from humans. If we could protect them then we could save ourselves
Saving Stray Dogs is Saving ourselves.

  • Do make some Dog welfare and rescue center, which should be of government undertaking. And rescue mainly puppies and put them for adoption. Rescuing dogs are lil risky, but still rescue them and feed them too, and put them for adoption. And then the Dogs can get a lovable and careable master. If you think this is impractical, then we should check the other countries policies on pet welfare.
  • Government should get special tax from citizen for the welfare of stray dogs. I guess if government undertakes these departments, it could also make employment for many unemployed citizens too

These 2 ideas discussed above are not practical in near future. So I do have a brilliant suggestion

These are just some ideas cameup into my mind. Since we don’t actually have the right to kill any living creature. Just like we humans have the right to live in this earth, they do have the right to exists on Planet earth. And i din mean Dogs alone by they. I mean every creatures.


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