India: Complication in Education (tech)

This post is from my perspective of being a student of Computer Science in MG University, Kerala.
India, well know for its vast culture as well as the Literacy. The country has faced a lot of problems for getting its freedom at the midnight of 14th August 1947. But the real problem is in making a country Republic after the colonial rule. It took 40+ years to reach to somewhere.
Still the problem in education, especially in the Technical courses are beyond what one could imagine. This post merely shares what I had experienced in my past years of Higher Education. While India is famous for the Master Brains like Sundar Pichai and Sathya Nadel the CEO’s of Google and Microsoft, I still got to write the complications in the education system in India. India has around 700 Degree granting institutions, with 67 National Importance universities (IIT/NIT etc) and 154 Private universities along with 129 deemed universities.

These won’t make the country proud, cause in case of a technical education institutions, Students are made to learn outdated theories and to do a loads of record works and to attend almost cent exams. Learning theories ain’t a bad thing, like learning programming languages like C/C++ is mandatory to understand programming basics. But learning Visual Basic 6 which was introduced in 1998, in the year 2015 is something highly unnecessary. Most theories that one learn in the institution is just for the sake of getting marks as well as receiving a degree.

The worst part is when you ask for a student who is learning Computer Science, what are your laptop’s system specification and they just wonder ‘what is it actually’. This was the experience I had last week. The class topper won’t be the geek. While the geek will be having a loads of backlog papers. Its all because education system values just mark, more than education. The class topper who scores 100 in C programming theory won’t be able to create a program in C.

With all the marks one gained, they can’t be good being in the industry. The topper would get placed, but will be thrown out within 5 years. And will endup being unemployed. While the one who din got direct placement will go in search for experience with more industrial knowledge still unemployed. But once they gets placed, they would reach to the top positions like the Team lead, Sr.Software Engineer, Architect etc.

These problems can be 80% reduced by reducing the number of theory papers and increasing the number of Practical papers. 40% of the institutions are working that way, but still the rest 80% are still facing these issues.
This post seems a bit boring, cause I wrote this when I got bored. So please do forgive for the lag 😀


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