Shiva Trilogy : Book Review

The Shiva, that myth used to say was about a Destroy of Evil and Lord of Mass Destruction. As an agnostic, I started reading out this book with the thought that was flying around my brain, this could be another baloney about the so called God whom my parents worship, and spend a lots of arathis and pujas. But beyond the astonishing writing skills of Amish, he created something deep into my heart, the love to a Man who Legends made into God. Each details made up into words made my inner me talk “this is the real story”,”this is the real myth”. But then at the end, its all a myth. The story goes around with the Shiva who turns to Neelkanth after reaching Meluha, and the great love story of the Meluhan Princess Sati. The way Amish expressed the Masculine Shiva, who even I thought of the existence was possible only in the realms of human imagination. The way Amish sketched Princess Sati, who is a perfect woman with those pretty killing charms. The way Amish put into words how they danced, how they fought for the evil. The Evil terrorist of Nagas. The Capital city of Sapth-Sindhu or what we call the Indus Valley Civilization. Everything made me look back to the real Ancient India, more than looking back to the religion of Hinduism. The Suryavanshi and Chandravanshi peoples and their kingdom was way beyond better than seeing it, if its been written by Amish.

The Book is a trilogy comprising of Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of Nagas, The Oath of Vayuputhras. The quest of Shiva finding out the truth behind everything and destroying the evil from core. Everything that has been made up into words make us believe that Amish wrote a real history more than a fiction. He could be a Veda Vyasa or Valmiki if he had wrote this millenniums ago. I am truly a mad fan of Amish, like the rest Millions of Readers. And am really happy to hear that 2.5 Million copies has been sold. And another part of his creativity has released named as Ramachandra Series : Scion of Ishvaku. I would have wrote the entire summay of the story. But It will be me killing a masterpiece. I suggest everyone to do read this book. And don’t mistook this as a religious artifact. Amish the only writer who made me read 286 pages in a single stretch of 8 hours.


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