A note to all Pet Lovers

Master, am waiting for you !

I love my master more than anyone, I know he loves me too. He is more than world to me. I still remember how he cared me when I was too young and was seperated from my Mother. He gave me milk, he gave good sweet foods, I was so happy for he being there for me. I cared him a lot. When he was not around I take special care of our family. He had a son, I loved playing with him too. They all are so loveable. I never felt to go away from them. So I protected them from anything I could. Even though I was a kid, I did anything possible to help my master. When I missed him I take his shoes and lick them, and it is heaven when he scratches under my chin and when he makes the sound which is sooo soft and soothing. I realised this is where I belong. They gave me enough food. But time passed, I still love my Master. Last week, early morning my master and son and everyone else came to me.. Pet me like they did since I was with them, I was so happy to see everyone together… And the food my master gave me tasted more than any food he gave me still. Then he told me to get in the car. I respect everything my master says, I got in. Then he drived so long. I saw the hills and trees running through the glass. It was like the TV they used to watch. I was so excited, I looked at master… He was not happy at me ! I know he is sad, but I will lick him to make him comfortable. After a long time he stopped the car. And then he got out and open the door, then told me to get down. I got down, he said me to stay. I obeyed his order. He is my everything. Even if am so old, I know they all love me. He then got inside the car. And drive back. I should not move away… I am such a good puppy, I should obey. Am still waiting for you master. When will you return to take me back home, Master ???

I wrote this to make everyone aware that, Dogs are meant for a lifetime, not our but their. If you are petting or caring a Dog, It should not be just for its puppy being state. They are loyal than humans are. One should not adopt or buy a dog just for the sake of showoff. Even if you are doing, please dont put them in street. Put them for adoption. Some one special will care him more than you did.


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