My Experience with Law of Attraction

‘What you think you become’. Even before knowing the law, I have heeded this saying from Lord Buddha. It was at my age of 18, that I was introduced to the world of magic and unlimited abundance. While returning back to home from college, One of my senior inquired about what my future plans or ambition is. We know each other for a long time since he was my senior since school. My mind actually doesn’t fit to a single ambition or plans. When I was a kid I wanted to join defense since my maternal grandpa was ex-army. And then when I grew up it gradually shifted to teaching, later to scientist, cosmologist, Pilot etc. When I was Eighteen, this huge idea of creating something came into my consciousness, yes I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Build my own company, become rich, own a private jet and a dozen luxurious cars.
‘Well, I wish to start my own company’, I said to him. He seemed quite happy.
‘See its rare to see people like around our campus, and you are the second person I know in our campus’, replied him. And later he searched something inside his pocket. And took out his chrome coated HP removable device.
‘Here, this has got a video in it, do watch this today and return me this tomorrow itself’.
Sometimes in life, you don’t really need to go towards something, things just happen to you, or You will attract whatever you want into your life. And that’s how the great secret of the millennium was revealed to me. I was totally mind blown.

All I did after knowing the secret was just kept on thinking of the company dream as well as many other side goals. It was all so cool that everything in my daily life went according to the thoughts I hold up. I was even able to escape from many assignment works. Even this also increased my grades. One of the funniest incidents I ever had with the law is that.
I was traveling with my friend on his bike, and I was explaining to him about the law. And for an example, I told, “If we Imagine, that this bike is going to get crashed onto a car. It will happen since the law will work according to what we think of” a few minutes later, we actually met with the accident I imagined a while ago.

And the law actually helped me get some good amount of friends, who really were like me with the mindset to be an entrepreneur. Most of us already own company. And yeah, even if my startup failed, I also owned a company. Now that’s a story for later on the failed company or I could say companies. The law even helped me to get the desired question for the lab exams. And yeah that’s how I got A+ for lab exams.

So I was really totally into the world of thought activation and the miraculous life, and that’s how I got into a relationship. But I always had this mindset that, the law won’t help you in love. And yes, What I think I became. It ended in the breakup. Then another relationship too. So whatever we think, that’s how the law actually works. When I was riding my ordinary bike, I believed that am riding on my brand new RE. After four months, there I was riding my real RE. And that’s the same story for my car. If you believe the beauty of the law of attraction it will work in favor with you. After all, what you think you become. And I hope and believe I will be a billionaire in my mid 30’s. “Or, I’m a billionaire Right now”. And also I believe this article will get quite a good amount of readers as well as followers. I wish to write a lot more about the law, but not now. First, let me achieve the Goals I have set for.


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