The story of my Company

Just like the normal guys, I was also a regular guy who thought to work 9 to 5 and get some money, live a normal life, get retirement at 60 then die peacefully. But then one day everything changed, the way I looked upon my life was totally changed. I wanted to start a company when my teacher just said to the whole class that ‘You won’t get any job if you are not gonna be getting above 90%’. What would the rest below 90 do ? that just struck like a hell. And that’s when I decided I would start a company and give employment to those peoples.

My life being a Wantrepreneur kick start in my 12th grade, thanks to my DSLR. During that time my plan was  to create a blog and put some posts and earn via Google Adsense. Well it never happened till day. Only because, everyone turned into a Photographer and many photography pages were created in facebook. Even I had one, which is now converted into my fan page. Later after 12th Grade I joined college for Bachelors in Computer Application in the mind to create some revolutionary app. That too never happened, even after I co founded a tech based company named ‘XONME’ which was later included in my list of failed stuffs. Well later I started to think out of the box, and that’s how another company was co founded, an online e commerce site to sell Tee Shirts named ‘TeesBe’, another failure of mine.

Many people discouraged me when I told them, I wanna start my own company and bring some change to the society or to the world. All they said is that “You need to be born rich to start your own company”. Really ? During that time I too even thought of that. Later I started meeting peoples, those successful CEO’s and those Failed CEO’s. All I could learn from them was that, its not about the funding that make the company. Its all about the IDEA, and the execution and the TEAM. That was the time I really found why my two startup’s failed. It was not because of the fund issue, it was not the issue with idea. It was all because of the execution and the people to execute. Your company’s backbone is not Idea, or not about how much money it could generate. Not even the capital. Its all about the people who are passionate, and who think they can create a change.

And I was lucky that I had enough resources to start a small startup. Sometimes the resources are not the materialistic stuffs. For me it was the network, the people I knew, the people who knew me. The story of my company’s inception is quite different than the usual. I was thinking to start a blog, and In order to get revenue from blog, the blog should get huge traffic, and also to start a blog I need a server as well as domain. I was texting my friend Jithin, who is a blogger, about starting a blog. And he was the angel that changed the blog story. He told me I could use his server space to put the blog. And to create traffic, I asked my cousin, Hari to create many quotes which are copied from the internet and make our own image to upload over facebook and instagram. We were lucky enough to create 600 page likes and 800 page views on facebook. Thanks to the network of friends we had. And later my friend Emil, the co founder of my previous company asked me, why don’t we Think Big, by making it to the next level. Tada, the blog is now turned into a company. And then we told our designer friend Amal about the Business Idea. And then to my friend Harishankar. And that’s the story of the Company. Our first client’s were none other than our own Friends.

It’s always about the network you create that matter in a business. Not the huge amount of money you have. And don’t every think that you won’t become an entrepreneur cause you don’t have a rich family background. To start a business all you need is a team who can work without thinking what time it is or what you gonna earn out of this. Also the idea do matter, so keep thinking. Once the idea comes up, never step back. It’s your calling. And opportunities won’t knock twice


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