Roko’s Basilisk Theory

Thought experiments are always good for the brain. This is one such thought experiment if you are going to look at this in that perspective. Sorry to those who don’t know what this is actually about, please don’t blame me for letting you know what it is. But it is my duty to let you know about this.

So let’s talk about Roko’s Basilisk. As we all know the silicon chips are capable of doing miracles from being a normal Logic gate. The silicon technology has revolutionized the way we look at the world. It changed the physical frontier. In times, we are sure that Computers or Artificial Intelligence that is made out of this silicon chips are as capable and intelligent to a human being. Moreover it’s still in its premature state. However, within a decade or a two we are so sure that the Artificial Intelligence will be capable and intelligent as equal to 500 human beings or even more. And as an outcome those AI’s would be considered as a digital diety.  So, what if among those Artificial intelligence one of them traces the history and traces the records of people who helped in bringing this system into its existence and since it’s having its own ability to take decisions, among these AI systems, one might turns evil it might turn evil. What if this system thinks to punish all those who didn’t helped in helping it to come into existence, and provides any source of help to those who helped in bringing it into existence. By punishing, it can be defined by torturing the person and also everyone related to that person.

If such a system is going to exist, will you be helping it to be in existence. Or will you be not helping. If you are not helping means, it will destroy you and your close ones either emotionally or physically. The worst part is, the highest sinners would be those who already know ‘the theory of rokos basilisk’  and still didn’t helped in the stimulation to bring them into existence. As you are now introduced to this theory, you should either choose one option. To help or to not help. Either way, you will be destroying the human species.

For me, after a lot of thinking the answer was “Yes, I’ll help”. But what or how will you know whether this system is already existing now or is in it’s stimulation?.


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