Decentralized: ‘The new era of technology’

The word decentralized is now a synonym of Cryptocurrency (bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin etc). Decentralized is the new technology that is emerging slowly. The one form of decentralized technology is that of BitTorrents. It uses decentralized technology to store data and download which won’t be traced.

Decentralized means to distribute the information or power into multiple locations. In the technological aspect, decentralized is almost similar. All the data of the user will be stored in remote locations that are unknown to the user itself. As a predictive analysis, it’s evident that the new technological era relies on the decentralized networks. The three things that came out with the support of the decentralized system are as follow.

  1. BitTorrent – As we all know BitTorrent is a peer to peer file transfer protocol to transfer a large amount of data over the internet that is untraceable.
  2. Crypto Currency – A decentralized unregulated type of digital currency that is encrypted so that only the sender and receiver will know about the transaction.
  3. DarkNet – DarkNet is a type of network that cannot be accessed from the internet, even though they are built over the internet. To access darknet websites we make use of some certain software.

When you compare all the three it’s clear that these use the P2P (peer-to-peer) Networks for their communication. Even though BitTorrent doesn’t claim about using the Decentralized system, its P2P system is what that makes it decentralized.
In a nutshell its clear that the Decentralized system is nothing more than a P2P system.


Cryptocurrencies are decentralized because the ledger data or mining will be stored on a remote system that is unknown. For supporting this chain of action known as BlockChain in bitcoin, it uses other systems. That’s why people earn bitcoins while mining them as a reward for helping the system stay alive.

The DarkNet is of two types, in the P2P system of darknet, every data on the entire network will be distributed as packets to multiple computer-systems that are connected on to the network. ZeroNet claims to be the first decentralized network because it uses the P2P system for storing the data of the entire network.

The future of P2P/Decentralized is emerging. We still can’t predict much about the future. Even there comes a time when an AI will be stored inside a decentralized server.


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