10 know-hows for being an Entrepreneur

Being an ‘Entrepreneur’ is a journey or round the clock process. But the problem these days are that, we don’t even know where to start from. Everybody would have a misconception that if you get “an awesome world-changing idea” you are ready to start. The reality is: the idea is only one percent and the remaining is about the process. These are ten tools that will aid you in your journey.

1. Quora

Quora is a community for you to gain knowledge on anything that is possible. It’s a Q&A based social network site. It can also help you in building a healthy network. One great thing about Quora is, you will get answers from experienced people. In case of entrepreneurship, you can get your questions answered by famous VCs if you are that lucky.

2. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur” is another must-read website for gaining all industry related news and trends. It covers Entrepreneurship, SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Management. By understanding the stories of normal people around you who did great things you will also be able to generate more effective ideas.

3. AngelList

Back in times, if you wanted to find a Venture Capitalist or Investor you used to visit each of them in person, arrange a meeting, a dinner or something. It was really hard during that times to connect with them. Thanks to AngelList, it is a community for Startups, Angel Investors, and job seekers. Jeff Bezos is one of the elite angel investors in AngelList. In future, if you wish to be a VC, angel.co is meant for you. Recently they have launched AngelList for Indian Startups too. The Indian government has also introduced Angel Tax based on the funding startup receives from external investors or Angel investors.

4. Indigogo

If you think of raising your fund through crowdfund, Indigogo is the place you have to be. Indigogo is having a visitors of 15 million per month. Indigogo community has helped bring more 800,000 innovative ideas to life since 2008. However, crowdfunding can be either legal or illegal in India. It depends on the type of crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding through the digital platform is illegal in India whereas reward based or donation-based crowdfunding is legal according to SEBI. Equity crowdfunding is considered as “unauthorized unregulated and illegal”.

5. Google Suite

Google suite is the combination of softwares that are required for business enabled with cloud computing features. Mostly used tools are Google Forms and Spreadsheet. When you need to get feedbacks or when you need to do some surveys, Google Forms is always helpful. With the ability of Google Drive, data can be shared among multiple people. As a startup, this is more than enough for Entrepreneurs to create, update and share the content and also will be able to access it from remote locations. G-suite comprises of Gmail, Hangouts, calendars, Google+, Docs, Sheet, Forms, Slides, Drive.

6. LinkedIn

As we all know, LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking website. It can help us in creating a network that would be always helpful in the entrepreneurial journey. A network is an essential factor for being an entrepreneur. Bigger the network, bigger will be the possibility of being in the market. LinkedIn can help you to get hired, or you can recruit your employees from LinkedIn. Your connection can help and guide you.

7. Meetup

As already mentioned, the network is your net-worth being an Entrepreneur. Meetup is an online platform to help people organize and to join groups in person. Meetup updates you with all the meetings and events about to happen in your locality. You can signup for the meetup online. Some may be paid or some maybe free meetups. Facebook Events is a replacement for meetup.com since few people still prefer facebook because it’s more popular.

8. GitHub

You might thing GitHub or coding is not meant for being an entrepreneurship. In this era of technology, every business has adapted to one or another technological innovation to enhance their working. GitHub is the platform where you can find the source code of every open source applications and systems. It’s a community built by developers for developers in the free world of Open Source. Sometimes, you might get some ideas on innovating an existing idea. In such cases, all you have to do is to grab the source code from GitHub and just add up your codes, create it in your own way.

9. Canva

Being an entrepreneur is like being the jack of all trades. You should know all the things in your organization. Marketing is the major part of the startup, you have to let the market know about your existence. Canva can help you in your Digital Marketing methods. Canva is a free graphics design website, you can create your posters, company profile illustration, infographics etc, all the templates will be available.

10. WordPress

Every enterprise and startup need to make their presence online, and websites are the only tools to make that happen. WordPress is a web application that will help anyone to create a website rather than you outsourcing it and spending too much on it. Godaddy is having its own WordPress Hosting Services at a cheaper price along with providing a free domain for your purchase.


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