Why blogging is important?

Blog or ‘weblog’ has existed since the beginning of the internet. People blog for many motives. It can be either out of passion or maybe a platform to exhibit your talents and portfolios. Blogs consist of text and images. Less distraction from social media is what that makes blogging last. Entrepreneurs use blogs as a tool to promote their brand or to exhibit their creativity and thereby creating a network. Still, we are all confused ‘why we blog’. Doing something without a purpose doesn’t get us somewhere. Likely, Blogging also has got some purpose. Let’s see how we can benefit from blogging.

  1. Personal Branding
    Blogs are your web space where you exhibit on the internet ‘what you really are’. Nothing can be sold in this world without marketing it well. By Personal branding, you will be able to make yourself a brand and get a list of followers by using your blog. And in future, if you are trying to build a business, this network will be helpful. All the celebrities are examples of Personal Branding.
  2. A way to generate passive income
    Blog not only helps you to become a brand, it helps you in generating passive income. There is a quote “If you want to be rich, you have to make money even when you are sleeping“. Blogs can help create you passive income using Google Adsense, but to make money you need to get a better traffic to your website. I know of people who generate an income of 4,500 USD per month. If you think of it seriously you can leave your job and start making income with your passion. Many Travel Blogs by individuals are examples.
  3. The introvert’s stage
    Introverts are those intelligent in a group who have a lot in their mind but prefer not to speak up due to their fear to face the audience. If you are an introvert, blogs are the perfect place for you. Exhibit to the world that you have more ideas than the one next to you. Blogs can be your web space for scribbling your thoughts and ideas.
  4. A way to promote your business
    Blogging is not just for personal branding, but also for promoting your business, either it’s a service or a product based business, blogging brings in more traffic towards your website. More traffic obviously will lead to more customers. Startups these days spend a lot of time hiring interns and making them write blog due to this reason. You have to make your web presence to succeed in this new era of business.
  5. Helps you in getting the job
    If you have a blog based on a specific topic or industry, it will help you in making your recruiter understand that you have enough knoweldge of the industry. Many organizations prefer ones with experiance in blogging over the ones without. It can always make you outstand from other candidates.

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