Why don’t you stick on to one idea?

I refuse to limit my game to one hustle – Beanie Sigel

Whenever I come up with a new idea to my friends or family, the first thing I have to face is, “But, Why don’t you stick on to one idea?”. This is not faced only by me, but by many wannabe Entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas. New Ideas can come up for two reasons. One is when the old idea is complicated to be executed, other is when the idea is still in the bag and a new one popped out from thin air.

Let’s see how my life as an Entrepreneur began and to what extent it has reached. I guess every one of you will be amazed to know these facts. One night, when I was going through my gallery, swiping images and waiting for the sleep to come. One image just grabbed my attention, yes it was my girlfriend’s (now ex) image. She was wearing a printed T-Shirt. “Dude, you are a designer, and you also got a designer friend with you.. You need money”. This was the thought that ran all around my brain. This was then converted as “teesbe.com”, my first startup. We used to create designs and print it on T-shirts and sell it for a little profit. We failed even after getting profit due to the lack of a powerful team. This idea after executing made me realize the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. So after things went down, I understood what all things I lacked. And helped me in building my second startup.

Well, you might think why I left the entire idea of that business and why don’t I restart. Truth is, I never left the idea. I would like to launch a fashion apparel brand with more than what I did in ‘teesbe’. I already have the brand name in mind. The second startup was a hell lot of tragic execution and again the team. Being a Computer Science student, during my second year in college, I thought why not to start a tech startup. The reason for this was nothing more the zero capital investment. All we needed was nothing more than 3 Laptops and 3 programmers who can code, and we never wanted to think about a designer since I was little good with that. So we started to learn Android Development, and to start developing apps for the third party, basically a BPO. The problem I faced was the lack of the team bonding. Three of us had three different motives and mission. Without following the vision and mission or even without setting them, a startup can’t reach anywhere. That’s the moral I learned from my second startup.

The third startup was the idea to create a startup consultancy which helps startups in whatever helps they need. The promotion strategy we implemented was by Blogs. It was quite going well since we got few projects. Mainly for branding and logo generation. This was named as “GreyHacks”. But then, the name wasn’t going along with our business plan. I never dropped the idea, but I sold the domain for 300 USD keeping in mind that I won’t be able to put myself completely into it due to my MBA-MS study.

In between Greyhacks and my MBA-MS, I started a blog named “Billionaires Grid”, along with two other friends. Our plan was to write blogs on management and self-help. The investment for purchasing the domain was made by them. There were other issues in this business too. I was the only person who used to write articles. But it helped me a lot in my blogging skills and helped me turn into a professional blogger.

After joining MBA-MS, a new concept of food-related business came up in my mind. A food wagon, or what we call as the food truck. Two of my classmates and myself went to our University’s Incubator with this idea. We tried to pitch it to them, but the team wasn’t having that much dedication into this. Everyone got busy with schedules. But yeah the idea is still in my mind to be executed. And then, I thought to start an AI-Based startup, since AI seemed to be the future. This was the hype time of AI, Analytics, and Machine Learning. We were working on making the first AIOS with a universal platform. We actually started also, by naming it “Syncnous”. We tried to start with a team of 4, but creating an AI from scratch was so hard for us. And we didn’t have enough capital or wasn’t able to get enough funding. And our idea to bring the first AI-based smartphone was actually made into existence by Honor View 10. So, we just stopped for a while until we could figure out a way.

Next startup idea was to create a nature-friendly smartphone which is designed for nature, with different segment models. This will be made possible only after we could release our own OS for smartphones and that’s why we are not looking into it. And recently, I created an insta page named “TAUX AUTO” and people went crazy. Why don’t you stick to one thing dude? Ain’t this only for a while and then you will drop it right?. This is what most people asked me when I tried to share TAUX AUTO. My primary idea was to see how much audience I can get through Instagram. And then to launch a Car blog. I’m still not sure where it will lead to or how it will end up.

It’s been said that An average millionaire has 7 sources of income. Well, I don’t do all these just to become rich. For me, it’s my passion. And you are not sure which idea will succeed. And more thing to add up is that all those successful people out there are not sticking on to one single Idea. Or maybe they didn’t start with their initial idea. Many MNCs started by some other idea, Yamaha was a cannon manufacturing company. And many Entrepreneurs are on the Top list cause they own more than one business. For example: Elon Musk – Boring Company, Tesla, and SpaceX. Ambanis – Retail Industry, Oil Industry, Telecommunication Industry. Birla Group – Textile Industry, Retail Industry, Mobile Cellular Industry. Even Steve Jobs had 3 companies Apple, Pixar and Next. Every MNCs today are not limited only to one type of business. They do multiple businesses. Tata is into Steel, Automobile, Retail, Consultancy services and many more.

The key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is by not restricting yourself from experimenting. I’m still in the process of experimenting. If I’m gonna fail, so what? Everyone expects me to fail, but what if I win?


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  1. Jijo Saji says:

    A determined heart is all that’s needed. Success doesn’t always come to people who fear failure, but to those who have failed multiple times. Think of KFC and Alibaba. Believe and you will succeed.
    Wishing you a successful enterpreneurial life.

    1. Hey, thanks for the motivation 😊😊

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