The Devil; and God’s unfair plans

Life is unfair to each individual out there, Doesn’t matter if you are the devil or God. Sometimes you will be hunted by the sins you did before, or maybe you will be having that deep desire to sin more. Maybe you will end up with everything you desire or may your carnal desires leaves you. It will be hard to convey many things, but all we need to desire is to bring it out from the carnal self.

Sometimes you will end up in the relationship you were working for, but it’s not a guarantee that the relationship is meant to stay for longer. Even if it’s staying there isn’t any proof that they aren’t faking to each other.

Men is a genius creation that will make the other men believe that he did care for him, or love the other person but for what he gets in return. Everything is an ROI for men, doesn’t matter what would happen to the other, all that matter is what is the profit he is getting out of the act that is to be performed. Life was given to us a billion years ago, we still don’t know what to do with it.

Thinking that a guy up above is writing and planning about you, the tiny being in a tiny planet which is revolving around a small star, with a population of billions of stars within the galaxy, which are zillions in number. It’s hard to digest that he is checking whether you are masturbating or not, or whether you are doing sex only in the missionary position. And even harder to imagine there will be a hot boiling bowl for all sinners.

Well, if you are given the authority to punish the sinners will that make the chief sinner? Well, by applying normal senses it seems that the one who is given authority to punish should be the guy who is good and who can identify and differentiate what is good or bad. So what do you think about the guy who punishes the sinners? Ain’t he a good guy?

PS: Written for Blog “Geek Lucifer”


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