Is it good to be a Hacker?


Being a Network or security hacker can make you end up behind the bars !! Hacking like any other does have it’s own pros and cons. To begin with, let me explain who a hacker is.

Hackers are of three types

  1. White hat hacker – These type of hackers also known as “Ethical hackers” are the ones who will penetrate into the security system only if they are given permission to do so. They are ethical. They help companies or organization in identifying the threats or vulnerabilities existing within the system. White hat hackers are mostly hired by the organizations for their security.
  2. Black hat hacker – These hackers are the ones which are known to the public as a hacker or a cracker who penetrated into the system and caused damage. The check for the vulnerabilities within the system and sneak inside with the motive to steal money or personal information. These days PayPal is more vulnerable towards hacking, previously it was Credit cards.
  3. Grey Hat hackers – These are neither Ethical nor Unethical. They might hack into any network system without the permission or access but they won’t be using the data or stealing the money. Instead, they inform the organization or company of which they hacked into about the vulnerabilities existing in their system. Mostly Grey Hat hackers are the ones who get hired by companies for hacking their websites or information system.

Hacking into a web server or system is not evil to an extent. Ethical hackers get inside the system to check the vulnerabilities within the system. Whereas no ethical hackers get into systems for stealing information or even money.

Being a hacker is up to the person who is a hacker. The person can be a good guy or a bad guy or can be a mix of both. So as it up to the person to be a white hat, black hat or grey hat hacker.


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